Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Essence I Love Rock Gloss Eye Pencil

This is a standard pencil eyeliner.  I've been using it a lot in the past couple of weeks, and it's not too bad.  It's really soft though, and I had some issues with smearing-it's not very water/heat proof.

It's hard to show up in the photos, but it is really a glossy pencil.  I'm showing it on the left, next to a regular black eyeliner; I think the glossiness can be seen here: 

LEFT: Essence

Overall, I think it's a nice eyeliner as long as you don't have high expectations. I prefer the waterproof ones though.  


  1. I never really noticed the glossy effect until you said (typed hehe) something..... This is my current go to eyeliner.

  2. Amalia,, You look lovely <3 xx