Thursday, April 4, 2013

UOUO Strawberry BB Cream

UOUO is an Asian drugstore brand.  I wanted to give it a try, and I bought this BB cream in shade 01.

It has a really nice, light, strawberry scent, but more synthetic, like a strawberry lollipop.  I thought it was pleasant.  

On the left, you can see it absolutely perfectly blends in to my skin, it did so on my face as well.  The right is a heavy swatch: 

On my face: 

I am on the fence about this product; unfortunately it has a lot of negatives. My skin really absorbed it, just like the other creams I've tried so far, and it has a really nice, smooth texture and it really evens out my skin tone- I have quite a few really light freckles (like a typical red or strawberry blonde haired person is the best I can describe that) and this covers them and makes my face look very smooth and uniform.  

The negatives I experienced- first, I feel like it made my face look a little too light, which my face is light enough already, but it may have been just because usually any cream product on my face makes it look a tad darker, so this in fact may be a more suitable shade for me.  It also took a while to dry down on my face, more than a few minutes, and I don't think it provides any oil control.  It also didn't last on me all day, and no way it will last in any humidity or water.  It did fare a lot better topped with setting powder.  So for me, it works, and it's really a bargain as well.  I'd much rather use this than something like the Garnier one, despite it's low price.  

I am editing one month later to add I've been using it since the tube is so huge, and I like it a lot more. I just don't use moisturizer prior to using it, at all. I'll leave my moisturizer on overnight and in the morning use this, and its worked well. I don't notice it being too light anymore either. I still experience that it isn't heat proof, but almost nothing is.


  1. It looks great in the picture sucks it didn't work out in the end though!

  2. I agree with Miranda, it's too bad it wasn't such a great formula because it sure looks great on you!

  3. Nice review, nice close up shot too.