Wednesday, April 3, 2013

My new Beauty Case

I am so happy with this purchase! There is a store not too far that carries all sorts of luggage, and some are so cute! Even though I have Hartmanns and the trusted German aluminum Rimowas that I've had since the 90s and not ashamed of it! I hadn't bought any luggage for a long time, and I couldn't resist the prints, but they turned out to be really good suitcases. Heys is a Canadian brand, and the hard cases are polycarbonate. The photos I am posting below that are not my own are from

Introducing my new case:

I really love the pattern but I love the interior, and I love that it comes with straps.  I also got this for only 35€ which is a real bargain.  Even though I got the large one for 50, and I'd get more if I had space or need.  

I'm sorry but I couldn't seem to get a good photo of the interior, but here are the features:  

They really have some beautiful cases, the ones from this line are all animal themed.  The first suitcase I got from them was leopard, and I wanted this beauty case but at the time they didn't have it.  When I went back, they didn't have leopard, only this lace one and a blue butterfly one.  When I looked on their website, I didn't even see leopard as an option in the beauty case.  

They have many cool ones, but some (like the butterfly ones) are matte, which I didn't prefer.  

So far, these have proven to be quite durable, although I've only just now used the beauty case.  I brought this big Caboodles case with me, which has seen far too many journeys, and it was on its last limb anyway.  Last week I gave it away, stuffed with makeup which I was very happy to be rid of.  

Of course, the new one doesn't hold nearly as much, and it doesn't have any neat little trays, but it's still very functional (and stylish- I hope!).  

Heys also has a huge selection of handbags, all very reasonably priced.  And I'm sorry if this post sounds like a commercial I swear it isn't, I just really like my new bag!! 

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  1. This looks like such a nice beauty case! Would be perfect for traveling or for a smaller makeup kit. I would probably consider getting one of these, one day! xx