Tuesday, April 16, 2013

MAC Chilled On Ice Paint Pot

For me, like any other brand, MAC is definitely hit or miss, but it can also vary from person to person, and how you use it.  I bought this because it was just soooo pretty in the pan.

Applied on bare lids, it was very patchy for me and even with three coats I couldnt get decent coverage.  

But I usually use paint pots as bases, so this wasn't too disappointing.  

I tried it over Darkhorse here: 

Just beautiful!  I was hoping it would be as good on my lids.  I didn't cover my entire lid here because I wanted to test the wear.  

After 11 1/2 hours, it was still completely intact, just a little bit of fallout.

I didn't get any creasing the entire time, and I didn't use any primer.  I did try it with primer and it still didn't look right by itself, so it's a base for me.  Although this was a bit of a splurge and something I wouldn't normally buy, I still think it's a good performer, and pretty.  I'm going to try it under pinks and greys, and I think coral would be really nice.  

1 comment:

  1. ZOMG love it underneath darkhorse! Makes that colour look even more beautifuler, hehe. It looks pretty on it's own but a shame about the patchiness, would look lovely with a light dusting of a shimmery skin-toned colour like Bootycall. xx