Thursday, April 11, 2013

UOUO Magic Seamless Concealer

I got this in shade 01, light.  It is a huge container- 16 grams of product.

Swatches- the left you can barely see because it blends so well, the right is a normal swatch, it's very thick and creamy.  

I feel really bad about this, but I have been trying for a few days to get a good photo of it on my face, and I just can't.  But it is simply amazing, it is the best concealer I've tried in a while.  It has great coverage, and doesn't look or feel cakey or dry, and it blends just right into my skin, doesn't look moist like the salmon one I tried.  I love the texture, it is creamy and blendable, and it actually feels a bit balmy.  By far one of the best purchases I've made!! 


  1. From where u got this?

    1. I got it from my nail plate supplier but think you can find on eBay :)