Tuesday, April 9, 2013

De-stashing Phase 2

Phase 1 for me was setting aside stuff I definitely want to keep and throwing out what I know I don't. That part was easy.  Now I have to sift through what's left, and that's almost an entire Helmer, but including nail polish so I think that's pretty good!

I'm trying to find dupes for nail polishes especially, since I know I left the US with them, but who knows if I'll be able to bring them back.

First was Orly Lunar Eclipse, which is one of my all time faves- at one time I had two bottles of it.  I love it especially for a toe polish.  I had this blue MUA I wanted to see if they're similar.

Not even close, but I despise MUA so it wasn't a difficult choice.  

Next is the Gosh Galaxy I just bought, and Essence Gold Old Buffy.  I thought they looked a little similar in the bottle but my eyes must be going really bad.  

Again, no.  I am not sure if I should keep either one though.  I don't know why the Gosh chipped on me so easily, and I really like the Essence one, but I have to narrow things down somehow.  


  1. I'm hopeless at de-stashing. Love that blue polish.

  2. Aaaah I should really destash too :(

  3. Wow the blue colours look so similar in the bottle but come out completely different!