Monday, April 22, 2013

Essence Eye Makeup Remover

Happy Earth Day and Happy Monday!  I hate to see all these horrible events so I'm taking a break from the news for a while, I only wish things would get better in reality cause I am sure I am not the only one tired of it.  Anyway, thankfully I am better now, but I actually had to go in for a couple of antibiotic iv's.  That was much better for me because within 24 hours, I was 99% back to normal.  I had a few things I planned to review before I got sick so I am doing a bit of catch up.

Despite not liking them at first, there are a few Essence products that are really staples for me now.  I bought this, actually because there was a minimum spend to use my debit card lol.

This is the non-waterproof makeup version, there is another one.  I don't use waterproof mascara and powder eyeshadows aren't supposed to be waterproof either, but I could not get this product to work for me at all.  It has a cool, refreshing, light feeling but basically it doesn't do anything more than water, which is disappointing. 

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