Saturday, April 13, 2013

Illamasqua Polish Purchase

Is anyone entering the Illamasqua makeup contest?? The entries are always so creative!

I feel so angry at myself- I threw out like 60 items, I never intended to buy anything else, least of all polish!!  But seeing this in person really changed my mind, and for once buying in-store was actually less expensive and more convenient than buying online.  I've seen tons of swatches for the speckled polish and thought I loved it, but when I got to the window, I decided, I really don't.

Can you guess what this one is??

It's Raindrops!! 

It's really nice- I haven't painted my nails with it yet but I plan to do that today.  I'm a bit glad I didn't buy the pink one though!  


  1. This is really pretty! Probably not a colour for me but it would look lovely on you. xx

  2. I really, really want this color! But wish I could buy it at sephora.

    1. They just announced that it and the pink one will be at sephora :)