Friday, April 5, 2013

Need to find: Facial Cleanser

Does anyone have any recommendations for a good facial cleanser? Since I've been using Lush the past few months, I really love the exfoliating type and it works very well for me, so I'd prefer that over a foam or smooth cleanser. I have no idea what or even where, I might try BBW or Body Shop. I was thinking maybe Soap & Glory or something from the drugstore- I don't want it medicinal but I don't think I need anything extra special either. Now that I think about it, probably any generic apricot scrub would be great. I sure wish I had access to this:


  1. Can't help there,sorry! I use a cream cleanser by a brand called DMK that I work with lol but I don't really know of any scrubby ones that aren't exfoliators! xx

    1. I'm running out of ideas! I'll probably just stick with the lush :P