Saturday, April 27, 2013

Maybelline BB Cream Fail

This product defines the reason they need testers for stuff! And of course, you can't return it or even exchange it once its opened. I really have no idea why on earth they would make something this shade, so undeniably orange!  Not only that, but it doesn't even "glow", on my arm anyway it's totally matte.  Besides, it's really watery and smells like pickle juice, so I don't think I'll be trying any other of their shades at all.


  1. Strange, maybe you got an old one? I used this last summer and it was so good, my shade was medium and it wasn't orange and the BB cream smelled fine, like makeup does.

    1. It is weird but I'm going to go back and get the light shade, hopefully. That will work ;)

  2. Ewww its too orange :( I have used the shade light which is ok for ivory complexion.

  3. is one way to describe it haha don't think it would blend in very well :P x