Thursday, July 7, 2011

Covergirl Lip Perfection Swatches: Sultry, Temptress

Wow, I just realised I haven't bought any of these lipsticks since April, and I didn't finish swatching the ones I have!!  Project CG underway lol!

These two are Sultry and Temptress.  I was excited about Temptress, but Sultry ended up looking better on me. 


Pardon the bad lighting, we have had nothing but rain for the past 3 days, despite the fact that it has also been over 90 degrees! 

I think I layered Sultry on a bit thick, but oh well. 

Here is Temptress:

And Sultry:

These lipsticks are great- they are my absolute favourites besides MAC. They have no scent or taste, and they are very creamy, pigmented, and long lasting. I don't usually go for frosty lipsticks, but even their frosty shades are flattering. They have a huge range of colours, and I out of all the lipsticks I have tried, I have to say, these are very much worth it. I also have come to appreciate the low profile packaging more as other ones I have tried seem to clash with whatever else I may be carrying, so I tend to avoid those when I go out for that sole reason.  


  1. i think both looks good on you...i dont even i favor anyone over the


  2. I think they both look nice with you skin color. I am also a big fan of CG lipsticks, not sure if you seen but I posted about some that I recently got and I loved the colors.

  3. Temptress is so, SO tempting =D

  4. temptress all the waaaaaaaaayyyyy!!!!!