Saturday, July 2, 2011

Make Up For Ever HD Microperfecting Primer

I never knew about any makeup community, especially online, until last year.  Shocking but true!  I didn't use the internet very much either at that time.  I went into Sephora for only my second or third time, after almost exclusively Dior and Chanel counters my entire life, for a NARS foundation that they didn't have, and the employee ended up selling me MUFE HD.  Now, I know a lot of people love it, but I personally did not.  So I went on to order the NARS- this was the first time I ordered online, too, because they gave me a ship code to buy the foundation (which I didn't even need lol) and after that, I was in another world.  I read the reviews for the MUFE and one of the reviews linked Marlena from Makeup Geek's You Tube channel.  I never watched a You Tube either.  Shocking, I know.  On the side of her video it had other people's videos about MUFE, I was watching those videos all night.  I watched Marlena's channel for hours... then days...then I joined the MUG forum.. now I'm here! 

I tried to apply the MUFE just like the videos said, because it looked so bad on me, cakey, dry, horribly sinking into my skin... I didn't know what I was doing wrong, because I never experienced that before.  I've had makeup artists apply foundations from various lines on me, but I had only used Dior and NARS foundations on myself, so I figured the MUFE must have some special tricks.  Nope, it just seriously didn't work out for me. 

So that's my loooong segway into this review. 

Unfortunately, I no longer have the MUFE foundation, but I have used this primer with both MUFE and other brands, and here is my personal experience with it. 

The texture is kind of serum-like, which was fine.  It was very similar to (forgive me I really forgot the brand!) a primer I've used, seems like ages ago, called Spackle. 

This primer was good for me in terms of prolonging my foundation, but I did not like the highly tacky, sticky feeling it left on my face.  That also made it more difficult to blend.  I had some areas on my face where the foundation would after a while, around my nose and chin is what I noticed the most. 

Face products are so different from one person to the next, and this is only my personal experience with the product. 


  1. Thanks for the review hun. I'm in the same boat as you. I never knew about any makeup communities until last year. But I'm so glad I found them all. Haha. They're so helpful. =)

  2. Hey hun I've given you a reward :D

  3. I bought this too (just a .5 oz sample for $15) but I really didn't care for it either. I thought it was too expensive for such a small amount to do so little for me.