Sunday, July 10, 2011

EOTD and Elf Order!

I have been extremely, extremely tired lately (remember this toddler??!!!?), so I have to sleep whenver I can.  Honestly, this is much more exhausting than when he was an infant!

That is a "sad face 'cause I am tired too, and Mommy just cut my hair".  Yes, I cut his hair (at his father's request!) but then he threw the trimmer across the room and broke it, so that was my first and last time cutting his hair. 

Here is my basic EOTD, and yes, it was towards the end of the day, as I forgot because I had other things to deal with (see above pic lol):

And here is my order from elf:

Ummm.... aren't we missing an R here??

The colours are so beautiful, and I ordered solely for the colour selection, but I am not getting my hopes up.  I used one of their other shades, plum something, and it was horrible.  No pigmentation or longevity whatsoever. 

Here are the swatches, and they actually seem a lot different than the plum one, the purple one here is the best as far as swatches go.  I didn't know these were metallics and I'm kind of liking that, I have an idea with some matte shadows... but we shall see.

Don't forget to enter the giveaway, if you have not already, the deadline is the 21st!


  1. Like the eye makeup, nice colours.
    Love the swatches too, those colours are awesome.

    What a cute son you have!

  2. Those shades are pretty, I just bought a Lise Watier liner in a similar blue and I'm trying to think of a look to use it for.

  3. I totally agree with that plum shade of eyeliner- I have it too, and I never use it. I'm excited about these, though, I love golden in particular!

  4. Ahh...I've been looking for a purple gel liner now that I love my purple eyeliner look so much (but hate using pencils!!). Will have to look for it in Target the next time I'm in!

    And boy is your son super cute! I just want to squeeze his cute little face! lol

  5. He is sooooooooo cute! I will be interested to hear how you like these liners. I've been looking at them but not to sure, just didn't want to waste $$.

  6. I am actually wearing the teal one- I like it a lot so far, its pretty much like the swatch and I didnt have any application issues- so it's all up to the wear test now!