Sunday, July 3, 2011

LOTD and Hauls!

This was unfortunately how I started my day:

My "Depressed" shirt lol

I have been feeling so down lately because there aren't a lot of options where I live for dining, shopping, and activities.  My uncle called me Friday night to "check on me" and I was pretty much crying, but trying not to complain.  He offered to pick me up and take me out to lunch Saturday, and I was like, sure, because I assumed he was just trying to cheer me up- he lives two hours away.  But he really showed up- he called and was like, what's this plastic bag in your yard, I was so shocked!  I was so happy to see him even though it's only been a month or so. 

I got dressed and was ready to go!  We went to Target- which, surprisingly, was less than an hour away- woo hoo!!  But that place was jam packed, my son could hardly stand it.  I ended up with some really great goodies though:

I got Boots no7 Stay Perfect foundation (a little disappointed when I opened it to discover someone used it as a tester, but oh well), NP Set Pore Perfecting Primer and Concealer and Foundation Pot, Revlon Smoothing Primer and Black Envy nail polish.  I also got some tweezers (backups lol), a flat top brush (another backup), a super cute butterfly cup for dirty brushes, and some cute (and cheap!) earrings. 

The earrrings:

They were out of some tooth stuff he needed omg it was hilarious he's all pissed about this whatever mouthwash but he has really good teeth.  So we ended up going to Walgreens too. 

I got these!

So there we have it- Milani is at Walgreens!!  And I am sorry, but their eyeliner is waaaay better than Urban Decay for my waterline, way!! I got purple and blue this time since I only have tried black.  And Wet n Wild, I am so over you and your hideous packaging which is to be expected from a cheap product, but still.  This one isn't so bad- it's almost Stila-esque, so I will try it. 

So, that's it for now- I've been doing a lot of shopping online but I had soooo much fun!!!

Man those purples were frustrating, to say the least!!!  I had to use like four shadows just to get a decent eye. 

Have a great weekend everyone!  Stay tuned tomorrow *hint hint*!!


  1. What a great haul! I love when I go out and have a proper spree! Sorry to hear that you were feeling down I hope that gets better really soon x

  2. Sorry to read you were feeling down, hope your feeling better now. Great haul and nice eye makeup.

  3. I love your makeup and the colors you choose. =) Great haul too! I hope your day gets better, hun. <3

  4. Great haul and I hope you're feeling much better! Love your eyeshadow!

  5. love this look , great haul, im nor following u and would love for u too follow my beauty page

  6. Love the purple into the pink. Beautiful! Feel better.

  7. beautiful eye combo! p.s. I live in NYC (center of the world as it seems) and yet I complain all the time that there is nothing to do or see... I guess we're never satisfied, so I totally feel your pain...

  8. I really love the look! I'm sorry you were feeling down but hopefully the trip to Target cheered you up (it always does it for me!)! Can't wait to see your Sonia Kashuk stippling brush review!