Friday, July 1, 2011

Makeup Inventory Complete!

This post is very pic heavy!!  Also, if there is any product anyone is curious about please leave a comment!  I am sooo happy now I cleared all that stuff out now I have room to focus and do what I love-what we all love- makeup, without having the stress of accumulated products.

I really didn't know I would be done that fast!  It just got to the point where I had to clear this stuff out, it was getting overwhelming and a bit depressing.  It was 41 products and some other stuff I tossed, so that's a huge step for me!!

First, I now have this:

YES!  Empty spaces!!  You would not believe how ecstatic I was when I realised just how much I got rid of. 

Now I will post pictures of the remaining usable products, not the collections which I have wrapped up.

First, lip products.

1.  Potted lip products- hurray!!  I only have 5: 

2.  43 lipsticks:

38 Lip glosses:

Next, eye products. 

8 pigments/loose shadows: 

Oops, not Bare minerals.... Melon pigment lol. 

30 single or small shadows:

9 Eye primers/shadow bases: 

Small palettes:

I don't know why I classified that DIY palette of MAC shadows as usable, I haven't touched any of them in years!! 

Now, on to the face products.  Very slim here since I don't use much.  


Face primers: 

I have tried dozens of face primers, but these two are seriously the only ones I like.  I might try Urban Decay's new one, but I am not completely sold on it yet.  


Ridiculous I even have any of those- obviously they don't match- but no worries, I just placed a decent Sephora order. 



I was confused why two Skinflash?  Then I saw, they are two different shades.  I love Rose Shimmer!


I use Sugar & Spice as a bronzer so I put it in with these.  Ummm, what the H is this Covergirl loose bronzer thing?? I know I didn't buy it lol.  

Whew, that's it!!  If I didn't put you to sleep already, here is how I organised everything.  I put most of it in the big black case.  The heart tubs have nail polish in them- maybe a different post?  j/k!! 

Note the huge empty space on the bottom!! 

Thank you for reading!!!

EDIT:  OMG YES!!! I still have my Inglot palettes lol.  They are right beside the white drawers... I am not at home now so I cant take pics of them.  But here is an old post I did of some (yes, I have twice that many now lol):


  1. WOAH, is all I can say!

    I mean, you have/had SO much make up! I thought I was bad with my skincare thingys and perfumes but this here, is on another level :D

    Well done though!!! :-)


  2. Oh noooo! *sniffles* this is still a lot? I thought I was doing really good!

  3. HOLY!!!!thats alot of stuff~~~im so jealous of all the sleek palette you have~~~i want to get my hands on those for the longest time~~~but we dont have it in canada~~~


  4. I use those stackable drawers too, like the pink one you have- love them for makeup! :)

  5. Girl, you are doing so much better than a lot of other girls. This is not too much. I have seen so much worse. Lovely picks! I may do a post on my collection. I have a little less. I use most of my things to.
    I think you need more pigments though....I am having a giveaway on Madd Style Cosmetics pigments! I will not lie and say they are the best!

  6. i only have one paintpot~~~but so far i have no problem with it being dry~~~i store my upside down, that way it is less easy for it to get dry up.....


  7. Damn girl! That is a huge collection. You have so many palettes and lippies! Haha. But I love how organized they look in the end. =)