Sunday, July 3, 2011

Blog Award!

Thank you so much Ashii at Beauty For Thought for this super cute award!

The rules are link back to the person who gave you, list 7 random things about yourself  (did that here) , award 15 blogs, and answer these questions:

Favourite colour:  PINK

Favourite song: not sure... Wenn Ein Lied or Hey There Delilah

Favourite dessert: ice cream atm (the "light" kind!)

What is pissing you off: when my son rummages through cabinets, like he is doing now!!!!

When you're upset, you.... take a break

Favourite pet: I dont have any pets

Black or white?  black.  for sure.

Your biggest fear?  probably dying alone.

My best feature is... physical feature- eyes.  personality feature- ability to express myself.

Everyday attitude: busy, trying to be productive.

What is perfection... seeing my baby for the first time

Guilty pleasure?  cookie dough

And I would like to pass this award to

Thanks so much!


  1. Congratulations on your award. I like cookie dough too lol.

  2. thank you so much, my first award! :-) x

  3. Congrats love! Thank you so much for the tag. <3 I love pink too! Who doesn't?! Haha.

  4. Congrats and thanks for the award! :D

  5. Thanks for the award! Pinks my fave too!

  6. CONGRATS AND THANK YOU!!!!!! I LOVE cookie dough!!!

  7. Aww, thank you so much for awarding me, hun! You're so sweet :) Congratulations on getting that award yourself also! I saw your comment, and I'm sorry you've have trouble commenting on my blog sometimes. I don't know why that is :/

  8. @ Huda idk, sometimes it times me out, other times I have to keep pressing submit :P but I keep reading at least! =)