Sunday, July 3, 2011

Clinique Rinse-Off Foaming Cleanser

Up until early last year, I had been using Clinique products all of my adult life.  I thought I needed a change, but this was right after I had my baby, so I think I made the changes mistakenly now.

This was one of the few products I had left.

So, I have been using Philosophy for this entire time, and I don't notice any problematic areas of my skin, but my face also never feels "scrubbed".  It bothers me sometimes, especially on hot days or when I use a lot of products.

The texture is so smooth, thick, and creamy.

The most important thing about this cleanser: you only need a LITTLE bit.  When I used this before, I was cleansing my face by hand and I would use about a dime size.  Now I am using the Clarisonic and I use about a quarter size of Purity, so when I used too much of this, I could probably use it on my entire body there was so much.  It lathers like shaving foam, but it is really lathery.  But it does what it says- it rinses right off!

This cleanser gave my face that sqeaky-clean (yes, I tested that lol) feeling, and I did experience some tightening feeling as well.  I love this cleanser, but I would probably only use it once a week since it does have a tendency to dry out my skin.  I can see it being beneficial for any skin type, really, and I would totally recommend any of Clinque's skincare.  I actually miss my 3-steps, so I am going to go back to those as soon as I get an order in.  


  1. Too bad you do not live in my area. I am a Consultant at Clinique and I could blog about all of our products that I how much I love love love Clinique. I would honestly still use everything even if I did not work there. I AM Addicted to the foaming cleanser I am a skin type 3 so I can use it daily to take off my makeup and then use my three step to follow and balance out my skin before I use the rest of my Clinique goodness,lol. I also love our exfoliating scrub, I like our 7 day but the exfoliating has a lovely tingle. Let me know if you ever want to know anything about Clinique stuff, I bleed green.

  2. Heeeey Becki! Where have you been lol! I love their skincare, always have, and I am going to order tomorrow, this Philosophy I just am tired of it. I've also tried a mascara and a blush, but its almost a au naturel makeup style for me lol. Glad to see you still love it there!

  3. seen a couple of people using clinique face products now so reckon i might give it a go myself soon :)

  4. im glad you like this in General give me bad skin i dont use any of their

    and you r from berlin??? they have pride parade too???my frd is in germany right now, and she said its a very lovely country with wonderful fact she is dating one~~~lol


  5. @ Jessy Yessss!!! Berlin is very famous for this!! They just had two last week!! June 18 and the 25th, there are soooo many hundreds of thousands of people!

  6. Great review! Now I'd like to try this product out :)