Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Wet n Wild Natural Blend Pressed Powder Review

I purchased this recently, for no particular reason except wanting a product to review- which I am reluctant to even admit, because I really don't usually do that.  I've started to recently though, because there seems to be a slim selection of products I haven't tried, or that I am interested in I suppose. 

The packaging is a recycled cardboard.  Unfortunately, that's what the product feels like as well.  It smells so bad, like clay, but really strong like I am ingesting it or something.  Ok, I am being generous.  It smells like dirt. I thought the smell would dissipate once on my face, but it took about 3 hours to do so. 
Here are the ingredients:

I really should have read the ingredients before I purchased.  Mica and calcium carbonate are oil absorbing minerals derived from rocks- and very drying if you do not have oily skin.  I would not deliberately put corn starch on my face either.  I was itching both figuratively and literally to get it off my face.  It also felt so, so dry- very chalky.  If you have oilier skin it may be helpful because it does mattify, but I feel there are much softer, smoother powders, even for oilier skin, that would give you a smoother appearance. 

It did give me a matte finish, but so extremely dry I could not possibly recommend this product.  


  1. Oh no, dry and chalky? Not good!

    Thanks for the warning, though tbh I'm not even sure where to buy Wet N Wild make up (have never tried it or noticed it in shops :O)


  2. Oh no way, was it expensive? I hate buying things, getting all excited to try them and hating them!

    Thanks for the heads up!

  3. Haha I love how honest your reviews are. It's great when you can find a non sugar-coated review.

  4. @Miss A for some reason its a bugger to track down!

    @ Vicky Fortunately no, its a cheapie so I didnt hesitate to bin it!

    @Starryskies ohh I am sorry to be so blunt, I was not intending to be rude

  5. no don't be sorry! I love your reviews!

  6. I agree with Starryskies214! It's difficult to find honesty in makeup reviews. Keep up the good work!
    Also, I just tried this product today, and have to agree with you on the dry part... My skin isn't exactly oily, but I can use this on top of my regular foundation, and get a matte finish (like you were talking about).