Monday, July 4, 2011

Independence Day Giveaway!!

Happy 4th of July!!

Wonder Wom-aaaan!! 

Let's celebrate with a small giveaway!

Here is the prize:

Inglot round palette with 3 concealers and two lipsticks!

All followers welcome!  All you have to do is comment below with your GFC name and email, and tell me what is the worst product you've ever tried. 

Open until July 21st!  Winner will be announced July 22. 

If anyone has any feedback regarding if I should do "extra entries" next time, I would appreciate that as well!  Myself, I don't like feeling as if I am forcing people to do things, and I would like things to be less complicated on my blog as well, but I will gladly take feedback into consideration.  Thanks to everyone who reads, and good luck with the giveaway!


  1. so lovely! i like your blog, and those photos are great! and you write so nice. :') <--- MOI


  2. Wow, thank you! I've never tried Inglot but I've been lusting over so many of the gorgeous swatches. :)
    GFC name: Steph

  3. I don't have any Inglot products so this would be a fun giveaway to win!

    GFC: Meredith Jessica
    Worst product ever: Quo instant setting eyelash glue. It doesn't hold well and it stings like vinegar and poison. Makes your eyes water and ruins all your eye makeup as a result.

  4. I LOL'd at Meredith Jessica....vinegar and poison!

    GFC: Angie

    And worst product ever: the Benefit lip primer stuff, I don't remembe what it's called, but blech is it ever gross! It made my dry lips even drier and flaky, yuck!

  5. my worst item was a neem face mask, stung my face so much I had to remove it in less than a minute!
    GFC- Ayshe Ismail
    email -

    Hope you had a lovely 4th July!

    I don’t like all the extra entries stuff either so I’m always glad when people don’t have it!

  6. Hi lovely, I'm a follower thru GFC :)

    GFC name: spider girl

    I've tried a lot of bad beauty products, the list is sooo long but I really hate products which give me breakout!

    techiespidergurl at gmail dot com

  7. great giveaway~~~
    Name: Jessy (from

    the worst product ive tried....there are tooo many, but the most recent ones are the Shiseido Duo...

  8. eeeks! Enter me please.

    GFC: D.Sadie

  9. so cute! :) by the way im your new follower and i enjoy reading it! you can visit my blog too :)


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  11. GFC: Karen
    Email: xkbirdx at hotmail dot com

    I tried the Victoria's Secret PRO Camouflage FX Concealer Palette. I HATE it! It had the consistency of candle wax before it's been melted. So that's my worst product ever.

    I personally like simple giveaways as an enterer. I think, though, you should do what you want to. It's your blog and the minute it gets complicated enough for you not to enjoy it, it will suffer. Right now, it's clear that you enjoy it, and that's why it's so nice to read ;)

  12. Great giveaway!

    Worst thing I have ever tried is hmmmm...I think I will go with hard candy glamoflauge. I was so hoping it would work for me but it didn't at all. I just did not like it one bit.

  13. Hey girl! Thanks for the giveaway haha and I loved the "hint hint" on your last post.
    I follow you as starryskies214
    my e-mail is

    And it's really hard to pick a worst product because I have a lot of products that I like, I just hate the colors but the one product that I'd never recommend for anyone is probably either any Revlon mascara (I've tried numerous and they all stink big time!) or Maybelline SuperStay 24 hour foundation.

  14. Hi Amalia.. Hope you had a wonderful 4th of July!! And thanks for the giveaway too..

    My GFC : Sumitha

    If i had to pick a worst product that would be MAX factor Second Skin foundation only because it was way too light for me!!! :D

  15. Aww, awesome giveaway! Thanks so much for the reminder. I must have missed this on my timeline thingie on the home page! lol :(

    I follow under the name "Huda Kaake."


    Worst product I've ever tried: ELF's eye primer >.<

    As far as whether you should include extra entries next time or not, I actually understand when you say you'd like to keep it simple, and you don't want to "force" people to do anything. I typically do extra entries just so that I can gain more exposure, and people can have other ways of following or subscribing to me in whatever way is convenient for them, but it's totally up to you!! :)

  16. ooh I would LOVE the chance to get my hands on some inglot eyeshadows!!
    GFC Name: Ashii
    Worst Product- hmm well I haven't really tried anything thats been ew I will NEVER use that again but L'oreal Decrease sucks for an eye primer!!

    about extra entries- I admit I get sick of doing them but if a giveaway includes them then you really do have to do them otherwise the chance at winning sucks. & it feels like it is too forced on some giveaways when you have to go to twitter, facebook, etc and post about it just so they can get more exposure. I hope that makes sense!

  17. GFC Name:Hina Hasan
    Worst Product- well the worst product i ve ever used is Rimmel renew and lift brigtening powder with minerals. i read lots of good reviwes about it but what can i say the thing just didnt work for me. it made my face shiny and shimmery which looked kinda odd especially at day time.