Saturday, July 9, 2011

Black Comfortable Shoes?

I am so frustrated.  It seems like I have been looking for a pair of shoes forever, and now I have to return another pair for non-fitting.  Hello, the sizes are supposed to be standard!!!!  Not a difference of two inches!

I have to be able to walk around in this pair quite a bit, without them falling off.  I also need them to be age-appropriate.  These are the ones I am contemplating now:

Help!  I really have no idea.  #1 looks a little too young, #4 may be too old.  Any opinions??

Of course, I could always go a bit bolder, if I want to do some wardrobe shifting too...

Only thing stopping me is these tend to fall of my feet due to the width, and I heard they are really bad in the heat.  

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