Saturday, July 2, 2011

Too Faced Galaxy Glam Eyeshadow: Cocoa Comet

I can't think of an intro for this, so onto the pics:

Worst packaging.  Flimsy cheap plastic.  Am I opening batteries here? 

The product is not bad, it's dense with a smooth texture and I would say medium pigmentation.  

It really looks a lot better wet: 

Left is wet- it's a huge difference!  

Here is how it turned out, and yes, I did toss that eyeliner:

I did have a big problem with longevity though, and it didn't maintain the appearance in the swatch once on my lids either.  

It's ok, but I really have no use for an "ok" shadow, and definitely not a brown one. 


  1. i have the deep blue one~~~i luv it~~~its sooo pigmented~~~


  2. I also hate it when the packaging is like that. It does look better wet.:D

    ***** Marie *****