Saturday, September 28, 2013

Wishlist....or maybe not

I keep hesitating with this Urban Decay Face Case... Just because I have soooo much stuff already, a lot of it unused. But I really like that it has blush and a highlighter.

You know how sometimes you think of something since you can sleep anyway? Haha but that's me. So I thought of another useful palette- Inglot. I actually have the palette, shadows, and blush, I just need the highlighter. I didn't know they had highlighters for the Freedom palette, so they might be new.... It's a great way for me to reuse something I already have, plus I didn't like the lip color or much of the eyeshadows (already have too similar) in the UD palette anyway. I think its a nice way for me to save money (even though its a great deal!) but more importantly, not accumulate more stuff. Seriously I dont know how many more Urban Decay palettes I can take!

The UD is supposed to be good for travel, but I travel a lot, I mean too much really, so I know that I'd never take just one palette with me anyway. Plus there's mascara, foundation, brushes, primers and all that jazz.

What do you guys think....


  1. Hmm you're right, if your traveling you'd want to take more than that anyway, so I probably wouldn't! And you already said yourself, you have a lot of things unused so you mightn't need anymore! :) You should do a "shop my stash" series which is where you go through all the unused/forgotten products in your stash & post about them as you use them xx

  2. That's a great idea! Thank you! Oh and I did go ahead a buy inglot highlighter #14 ;)