Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Generic Makeup Sponge: My Experience

I think there are way too many makeup sponges out there, and it can be difficult to know just what you're buying. I do own the branded Beautyblender, and although I like it, I prefer brushes as the sponge has a few issues I dont like, and even I think it is overpriced.

I didn't buy this to replace the Beautyblender, but I was curious how it would work for such a cheap price. In this instance, I'm glad it was cheap cause it just didnt work for me at all.

The first thing is, it doesn't expand. At all. There wasn't any paper to tell me, but there has to be latex in it, it's so dense, like a rubber ball a kid or pet plays with.

This is dry:

This is wet: 

Comparing both when wet: 

And in my hand:

Besides that, it absorbs way too much product and it doesn't get clean.  I can't speak for other types of sponges, but I would definitely avoid this one!  

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