Monday, September 16, 2013

Illamasqua Haul!

When I saw this nailpolish, Facet, I wasn't taking any chances so I bought it right away. I haven't used it yet because I have just done my nails. Yes, I broke my own promise not to buy any polish until December but who can blame me.

Some of these things were on sale. I somehow lost a blush I loved so I got a replacement, I got two matte shadows (bad reputation, hopefully I can make them work), two brushes- which are shedding very badly already....I hope they don't keep doing so since they are not cheap brushes!- and some foundation; I did start using that today. Then they had an awesome looking box that had two polishes, a cream (mega sparkly) shadow, an eyeliner and a set of lashes I'll never use but for a real bargain price, I really could not pass on it.

I tried to do these swatches but my left hand had surgery so never sits right, and I'm out of good light as well- it's something at least haha! And I actually didnt have any issues with the eyeshadow, it's matte but not chalky and had excellent payoff, I really like it....I do think the √Čtude House primer makes a huge difference though!





  1. Ooh, exciting! I've always been intrigued by their products but haven't actually tried anything. I do love the looks of the new collection, though!