Wednesday, September 25, 2013

First Look: Koyudo Brushes

I just got these Koyudo (Japanese) brushes. If you want to get for Christmas, order now cause it took mine well over a month, but hopefully they're worth it. These are the fu-pa brushes which are hand made to order, thats the reason for the time. Once I got the shipping notice I got them I think it was less than two weeks. I actually ordered more but there was an issue with how to do the payment so my orders got split. If you do order with a credit/debit card, they don't deduct it until they ship, and with Paypal they deduct immediately. The website, super easy to order from, is they list all the measurements and type of hair for each brush, and they do have kolinsky eye brushes on there. They also have a 'frequent shopper' program that offers significant discounts in the form of points, you can use on your next order.

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