Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Maybelline Colorsensational Lipsticks: Vivid Rose, Shocking Coral, Vibrant Mandarin

I haven't tried Maybelline lipsticks in a long time, but these shades are too awesome to resist! I got Vivid Rose, Shocking Coral, and Vibrant Mandarin. I've done the swatches and photos the best I can, but these are really bright. The first time I wore Vivid Rose my son asked me "Why are your lips BURNED??!?" Hysterical!!!



I think my arm swatches are the most accurate; I really couldn't capture how bright these are with lip swatches.

Vivid Rose 
Shocking Coral 
Vibrant Mandarin

This lipstick is one of my new favourites and I plan on getting some of the other more neutral shades in the formula.  It's creamy, almost balmy, but it's super saturated, even leaving a really good stain. I would have liked to use a lipliner underneath, but I dont have a clear one yet.    

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  1. So pretty!! Although on my computer they all look like a similar orange red, I can imagine they would look stunning on you. What a cute comment from your son! xx