Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Small Holiday Gifts Post!

I was really happy to get these wonderful gifts from my friend....

They are all from H & M.  The nail polishes are Deep Deep Water and Peppermint Fusion.  I love Deep Deep Water a lot, and I was really surprised when she told me she got it for 1 Euro!  

I thought the textures in the palette were really cool, but they wore off the first time I put a brush to them.... 

Some quick swatches: 

This is the middle section: 

Unfortunately I dropped it and the blue section got smashed to bits before I could swatch them!

Here is my other noteworthy gift:

Yes, it's the box cause otherwise it just looks like a black rectangle LOL but it's a new iPad!  I feel really lame but I never had any Apple product before, so even though it took some time learning all the stuff on it, it's so cool.... but I have to get so many extras for it, cause I can't upload photos from my camera or type very well on it- the two blogging essentials!  Even my son loves it a lot, there are so many things for him to do.  

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