Saturday, January 5, 2013

My Cheeky Summer Collection Arrived! the middle of Winter lol!!

I ordered a small set from Cheeky's first plate set as well as this set, and they are absolutely amazing!  They stamp so clean and crisp, and every image is awesome!  They did take almost a month to reach me but that was the only bummer, they were really worth the wait!

Since I am totally inept at photographing plates you can check out every single one HERE

Since I just got these I haven't had a chance to use any of them but I couldn't resist the little  monsters on CH32: 

I really love these Cheeky plates, all the images stamp very well and the plates are easy to clean, even the more detailed images!  I also like that their huge full nail images can be used as tips, since they do curve on the bottom, but I have a really hard time with placing tips still- need more practice!!  But on another note, I have been using a plastic card to scrape and it's working out great.... all the plates except Bundle Monster, I just cant get those since they are etched barely below the surface of the plate. 

And I gotta warn you, backing on the plates doesn't prevent you from getting cut!  

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