Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Rimmel "ScandalEyes" Mascara

This is the other Rimmel mascara I bought.  It is a really huge, bright orange tube.  When I got it out of my basket when I was checking out, my friend thought I was getting a highlighter, actually.

The brush is long and wide: 

The handle is really annoying and hard to get a grip on because it is just so huge.  

I thought I could overlook the huge handle if the results were great, but to me, they just weren't.  I also found it annoying that I can't use it on my bottom lashes without gouging my eye out, it's just too big.  I honestly don't know what I was thinking buying this, but sometimes you just want to try stuff, you know?  

I felt like the product itself was really heavy on my lashes and weighed them down quite a bit, especially as the day went on.  I would not buy this orange highlighter mascara again!  

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