Monday, January 7, 2013

Prestige Total Intensity Eyeliners

I liked using Milani's pencil eyeliners, but I found these and they not only work perfectly, they come in 10 shades!  My only other experience from the brand is a magnetic nail polish.

Sorry the names were twisted- the long names are Deepest Black, Daring Green, Strong Slate, Lively Turquoise and Outrageous Emerald.    

Then I re-swatched green next to emerald:

I love the slate shade, it's aptly named for sure.  I love it for a softer than black liner and I don't have another pencil liner like it.  I love the emerald too.  

These are very pigmented and long lasting- I can get at least 8 hours.  Once I applied the turquoise at 7 a.m. and some of it was still there the next day!  

They are really soft but that makes them glide easily and not rough.  The only catch is that they aren't good for defined lines, more for the waterline or smudged liner looks.  

They have a good colour range too- I tried the purple but for me it was more of a deep plum so I passed since I thought I had enough darks and I was racking up a bit of a bill there.  The only one I can't find so far is olive, although I'm not convinced I need that one either.  

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