Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Calling All Eyes Please!

So in the course of collecting sooo many stamping plates, you come across images that don't make any sense, some that are puzzling, and some that you are like, what the hell is this??!??!

So I need your help with these!

I have borrowed generic images, yes, it's true.

The first is Konad's S2 plate.

Just can't figure it out.  It's the Egyptian plate, but that crest doesn't match their flag, and I really don't know what that other thing is, a fountain, maybe?  

Now don't laugh when you see this one.  I have zero clue and I just want to be able to stop looking at it at this point!  

I think it has to be something related to that cartoon, but I guess I have to find out what that cartoon is first!! 

EDITED TO ADD: Finally figured out this is Doraemon, Japanese cartoon, and that must be the bell on his collar. 

While on this topic, the KD and QA plates (and LO, CF)- all of the ones I have are really great, the etching is deep and they all have stamped for me fine, much better than other inexpensive plates I've tried.  But please, if you are going to buy any, please don't pay $4-5 for each one!!!  I took a chance and ordered from a supplier that was unknown to me, but everything turned out great, and for wholesale prices which doesn't bother me!  

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