Saturday, January 12, 2013

Models Own Boogie Nights w/Purples

I had a really hard time with this polish- I love the shards but it was sooo difficult getting an even placement on my nails, and the base is so thick and goopy.  On top of that, it smells really horrible, and I could still smell it on my nails after I applied two thick coats of top coat and had it on for a day.

I used Nars Purple Rain and the light one is Bourjois.  I thought Purple Rain was going to be too dark but I actually like it much better, it brings out the colours in Boogie Nights more.  


  1. Glitter polishes like this are a pain! I love shard glitters, but they usually have this kinda formula. I've also heard these Models Own glitters have a really strong smell.

    Looks lovely though!

    1. Ohh it's my only one so I didn't know ^_^