Friday, January 25, 2013

Inglot AMC Cream Concealer

I have been using this concealer for a while now.  It has petroleum and silicon in it, so if you have allergies/sensitivities, please be aware.  It is really different from the other concealers I've used, so it deserves a post!

First, um.... this is not the right shade for me, but the Inglot I went to pretty much caters to darker tones, so this is all they had.  The employee didn't sell me the proper thing in my opinion, but the fault is just as much mine.  I had been using the concealers in the small round, refill pots for the round palette, but they were really, really small, so it only took a few months to run out.  Also be aware that the shades are not the same as the round refills, and also the numbers do not correlate with lightness, just another quirky Inglot number system.

It's a thick, really creamy, glossy product: 

Now, there are pros and cons to this.  It has great, complete full coverage for blemishes, spots, etc.  But the bad thing is, you can't really wear this alone, it needs to be set with powder so it doesn't look weird.  It t doesn't feel heavy at all, but it does take a bit of blending out and it is a full coverage.  

It was sooo hard to photograph this, but I tried: 

Overall, I really like this concealer but it's kind of more for heavy coverage.  


  1. good heavy coverage concealers are hard to find. this one looks so creamy.

  2. U r right Amalia its not ur shade :(

    1. Sadly no, but hopefully I'll find someone to give it to cause its a great product

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