Sunday, January 27, 2013

Nail Stamping: Image Plate Storage Ideas

I am so thankful that Bundle Monster has a plate organizer, otherwise I don't know what I would have done.     I am sorry I am not trying to offend, but I really don't like the appearance of the baseball card thing, as well as I don't have those near me so I can't even see the plastic in person, as some I've seen look really too thin for metal plates.

First, here's a photo of the exterior of the case.  It cleverly happens to match my iPad cover.

But what about the plates that don't fit in the Bundle Monster?  Well, until someone comes up with a larger one, here's what I'm using.

It's called a Monster Binder.  It is for cards too, but the plastic is thick and each pocket has a black textured backing.  It fits two per page.  They do make larger ones but plates are really heavy- my Bundle Monster is totally full and weighs a ton.  So it's not that practical to get a larger one, there is no reason for me to carry that many plates at once.  

Here is how they fit: 

The Cheeky plates fit really snug.  This is great so they don't fall out, but they can be a pain to actually get out.  I've ripped a few of the pockets, but it's just a teeny rip so it doesn't really prevent them from being stored.  

Each pocket has a little lip, presumably from keeping actual paper cards from coming out: 

I store this book flat, mostly because this is what it looks like if I try to shut it: 

But also, because when it's open, it's about the same exact size as the Bundle Monster holder, so they can be stored pretty neatly: 

In this Monster Binder, none of my plates have ever drifted towards the spine, no matter how I leave the book, and I actually bought two of these since they do fit the octagonal plates so well.  It doesn't have any metal in the middle either, it's crimped.  

The only thing is that it doesn't fit the 7 cm plates at all.  Because of this, I was contemplating actually getting a ring binder, and getting all different size pages so it can fit them all together.  

The 12 pocket pages are 5.7 cm so they would fit most plates since they are 5.5. 

The 8 pockets are 6.6 x 10 cm, so they would fit the octagonal and the new Cheekys. 

The only pages that would fit the 7 cm plates are the 4 pockets. 

But, I am pretty happy with the Monster Binder and I only have about 20 of the 7 cm plates.  This is how I am temporarily storing those: 

The problem is, they're still too loose in there. 

I have to be really careful with it, and I haven't filled it on both sides because I know they would just fall out.  For now I just leave it in a shelf standing up, which isn't good for the long term by any means.  

I don't really know what to do about those, I thought about taping the pockets but that's kind of tacky and I don't even know if it would work.  So I'm still looking!  

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  1. ah, good storage ideas! I don't have any stamping plates yet but I would like to one day :D You will have to post your designs! x