Thursday, January 10, 2013

Sleek Lip Liner, Pout Paints

I had always been curious about Sleek's Pout Paints, just because I've never tried anything like them.  I bought three of them, along with a lip liner:

The shades I got are Port, Cloud, and Lava.  I only got the pencil because it was like two bucks, so I figure why not.  It's a twist up, and it's not bad actually, it's basic but effective.  

Here are swatches of all: 

                                 Lip Liner Chestnut             Cloud, Lava, Port 

The main point of the Pout Paints is that they are mixable.  The first thing I did was mix them all together: 

On lips (oops- sorry about the teeth!!): 

It's pretty, but you have to apply a really small amount or it's a big mess.  I did like the texture much better than a lot of lipsticks, they're really weightless and more like a lip stain but without being extremely drying.  I put clear lip gloss on top and the colours didn't fade.  I wish I had a clear sparkly gloss!  

Here are some more combos I tried: 

These are pretty fun and nice to wear!