Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Another Nail Polish Haul!

Ohh but I am excited to try these out!  I am what... a year late for these??

 and these...

As a bonus, I now have a peach stamping polish!  The other two were not bad for stamping either, but the peach one is so thick I couldn't hardly use it as a regular polish.  

I also got my cousin two Sally Hansen Runway collection polishes... she got Blue Rose and Gilded Lily, the last ones they had, and they looked pretty!  Since my iPad isn't compatible with the camera I usually use, I took this photo with a different one that I will be using from now on.  It's great for photos of people and places and it even has a rechargeable battery, but I can't quite figure all the settings just yet.  

The burgundy and bronze magnetic polishes are the ones I am looking forward to the most!   


  1. what a haul..... when are the swatches coming up dear??? thanks for sharing

  2. SH Gilded Lily is a dupe of something....I wanna say OPI's Goldeneye? And Blue Rose? That's a weird name for a blue polish!

    Have fun with the magnetics! I still like magnetic polishes, even though everyone else thinks their old!

    1. Oh I just looked that up about goldeneye... And I thought the magnetically could double as stamping polishes but idk just yet ;)

  3. Great buy I too need to get some new polishes.

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