Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Models Own Polishes: New Purchases

I was really amazed at the selections Models Own has..... it was really hard choosing! I got Indian Ocean, Boogie Nights, and Golden Peach.

Golden Peach was the only one that wasn't on my list, and they had so many beautiful shades, so I chose this one because it's pretty and neutral.  They were fully stocked with neons, many shades of blue and green, but when I saw this I was like, yeah, this is it!  I was really glad I was able to get "Boogie Nights" because I heard that it was only online, but they had the full range.  I really like all of these! 

I also got a matte top coat, which I planned on doing a quilted nail look with.... haven't got around to that though.  I can't say much about it besides it does work very well, as some matte top coats I've heard they don't work.  

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  1. I'm loving your picks. Indian Ocean is breathtaking! x