Monday, July 30, 2012

Essence Nail Polish Haul and Swatches

I have only been to the essence section once or twice and have not been impressed, but they must have came out with some new stuff (almost half the display had "new!" stickers on it), so I picked up a few new nail polishes.

I have two faves so far- the nude glam called "toffee to go" and the "Vampire's Love" Gold Old Buffy.  That one is old so it must have been marked down- I got it for the same price as the other two and it's twice as big.  I thought the nude glam was some kind of foundation tester, it is so close to my skin, I know I will love it.

The big tube is the new "nail colour 3" and I first saw it HERE, I loved the green one so much.  I wish they had those shades, but they didn't.  It was the most expensive out of the four (like $4 LOL- I had no clue these products were so low priced!) but I am not too impressed with it so far, it's kind of boring and the glitter doesn't show up very well, but oh well.

The minty one is called "viva la green" and I already cracked the bottle (this is the second time this week I've dropped one, but the other one spilled all over my floor- thankfully I dont have carpet!) so I don't know if it can be used/salvaged or not.  

Here are swatches of all the colours: 

(This one does appear an olive green, depending on the lighting- it's really pretty!)

I also saw some new eyeshadow shades which look amazing in the pan, but for such a low price I have my doubts.  "Kermit says Hello" and "Hyped Up" look very cool, maybe the next time I'm over there I'll get them just to try them out.  Like I don't want to look for more polishes lol!! 


  1. I LOVE Essence nail polish! And you can't beat the price!

  2. Oh darn! I wish the green one would of been there! I am jealous you can get the twilight ones though! I can't find those anywhere :(

  3. @Angie Cool I never tried them so I'm looking forward to it!
    @Miranda I think they were from last year I am not sure why they still had them lol but I am happy :) and hey your avatar pic is so pretty!

  4. That blue is so pretty! I have C'est La Vie (orange) and love it. I also think the sizes are great coz I've never finished a full one before apart from clear so I may have a chance with this haha.
    PS how was getting the polish off your skin?? haha :P

  5. Ashii you're cracking me up!! :D I dont recall ever finishing a full bottle either!