Saturday, July 21, 2012

Inglot Blush # 30

You can get this blush individually or as part of the Freedom system.  I got mine for the latter, to put in the "EBP" palette.  The shade is # 30.

The swatch: 

The shade is kind of a rusty-coral, which I have to admit, looks better on those with much warmer skin tones than me.  I really, really wanted to get the Summer Collection shades which I did not find yet!!!   I have since purchased another one, # 61- the hottest of hot pinks lol, but I haven't gotten around to even opening it yet.  

This is a highly pigmented blush that is easy to apply and blend.  It is not soft and despite the harder texture, I was unable to get an extended wear time- just about half a day.  I really have to blame this on the weather, I have been testing a lot of blushes lately and always end up with the same result, so it can't be every blush!!  I do plan on taking this palette on a trip so I have no choice but to just reapply if I need to.