Monday, July 16, 2012

Future Hakuhodo Purchase...

I was thinking about getting Hakuhodo's new "Misty Set".

I didn't believe this was possible, but you actually save $40 by ordering the set!  The downside for me is none of these particular brushes were on my list for my next order.... uughh!!  I calculated that if I get all the brushes I do want, it costs me only $50 more..... and most likely saves me from ordering again, so that's what I've decided to do.  

Hakuhodo emailed me and the J Series (available at IMATS this year for those lucky enough to have attended) should be available for purchase soon.   

UPDATE:  AUGUST 22nd is the scheduled online release for the J Series, sorry!  

They also said a couple of things "might" have a price decrease (whaaat!) so I am holding off to order until I see what they have next! I already had 5 brushes in mind so I don't know what the damage will be after I see the new ones lol!  Omg white goat hair and duo fibre eye brushes, a beautiful looking highlighter brush, an extra large eyebrow brush, oh exciting indeed!! 

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