Thursday, July 5, 2012

Ordering New Products!

I ordered the Sigma brush set but as soon as I did I had a bad feeling about it, I don't know why.  I haven't even gotten it yet so I don't know why I would feel like that.  The problem is, I have only ordered one thing to get in the mail, it's not like I want to go on a spree because I don't even know if I will get the packages.  I really thought of getting Chikuhodo but decided not for now. 

So to compensate for my premature lack of enthusiasm for the Sigma brushes, I decided to order some Hakuhodo brushes, which is especially risky in my opinion because (and I am sure the package won't state this but I am still worried) of the natural hairs and the rules here can sometimes get a bit over the top.

But before I show those, I also wanted to show a super awesome new Sleek palette, it is inspired by the Olympics and London train lines and from what I have seen it looks superb!  I didn't know I could order from them at all so by the time I discovered that, they were sold out of the matte palettes I wanted. I saw this set I wanted to order, but Sleek won't give a definitive date on when it will be available online, they simply said "soon". Maybe today, I don't know. Anyway, it's called the Glory palette, Honour blush, and Pride pout paint so definitely check it out.  I do know that they lowered their shipping prices but I don't know where they will and won't ship this one.

These are the Hakuhodo brushes I ordered.  None of them are unique, I based my order on brushes I already own but want to replace.  I only ordered eye brushes because I was already up for two days deciding on those, if I do get the package there are 2 or 3 more brushes I want to order.  I am not sure if I will or not, I might have to spring for the insured shipping ($40!) next time.  

1.  K004, eyeshadow: 

2.  B162, brow: 

3.  K007, eyeliner: 

4.  G5520.  I am anticipating this one the most, I got it to replace a beyond ancient "Posh" brush that I still use for the "outer v".  

5.  G5511.  I really love the Laura Mercier "smudge" brush, I use it all the time, so I got this one which looks very similar so I don't wear one out.  

Lastly, I could not resist getting this case just cause I love rose gold very much and it looks very nice.  

I am actually looking for something to replace this old Target brush I found, but been using it a lot now for highlighting, it's really nice for that.  It's not a good brush by any means, but I like the shape and thickness.  I want to order the Hakuhodo G511 but I can't find anything on it besides what's on their own website.  I think their 210 brush might be good for that purpose so I can't decide.  It's strange that I don't have anything else similar, so if anyone can recommend something like it, I'd definitely appreciate it!  

So that's about it for now, hopefully I will indeed receive the items!! 


  1. The Sleek set is really lovely - as they always are :) I picked one up yesterday - had just popped into Superdrug for some hayfever medication, but got distracted :) Sometimes being in the UK has a makeup advantage (doesn't happen too often though!)