Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Palette Woes...

I was so sorry I never had a chance to get the Naked 2 palette.  Now I think I can get it, but at a 40% markup!  It's going for $70.  I have seen photos and swatches of their new Smoked palette and I think I like that one more!  So I really do not know if Naked 2 is "worth it" just to have it, do I need it, etc. so I am still undecided!

I am also recently intrigued by a UK brand called "MUA" (Makeup Academy) and they are mostly known for their eyeshadow palettes.  The swatches I have seen are impressive!  Check THESE  out!  They have a couple neutral palettes ("Heaven and Earth" and "Undressed") that look really good, and they are rock bottom prices too.  They have some nice looking gel eyeliners too but I haven't seen them on their site just yet.  I just worry because I'd have to order them and honestly, I think I'd probably receive them completely broken if at all.


  1. Yay it looks like a great dupe for the 1st naked palette! Sorry to hear about the markup for the 2nd one, though :( have you tried That's where I got mine from :)

  2. thanks I am going to check them out rightnow ! :o)