Friday, July 6, 2012

Maybelline Dream Lumitouch Concealer Pen

This is a highlighting concealer (click style) pen.  It was very reasonably priced (under $10!).  Unfortunately mine did not have any shade on it, and it only came shrink wrapped around the cap and it didn't have any name on it either.

I personally found it more useful as a highlighter rather than a true concealer.  It doesn't really cover redness or spots, but it does brighten under the eyes and other areas if you wish.

Here is the swatch, and compared to Dior Skinflash:

As you can see, it's definitely not a match for my skin tone, and considerably darker than both Dior's I have.  However, once I blended it, I really did not think it was too dark, although if I could find a lighter one, I would definitely like to try it.

The formula is more liquidy than creamy, and using two layers was a bit too cakey looking up close, although it wasn't noticeable from further away.

I really do like how it brightened and evened out under my eye, and it was easy to blend as well.  It didn't dry super quickly which made it a bit easier.  I used a concealer brush but I didn't really like having to streak it on to apply it- I much prefer dotting.  

Overall, while I do like it, I don't know if I will use it all the time.  I noticed a marked improvement over using traditional concealer under my eye because of the thinner, moist formula and brightening properties.  But I think I would also argue that "concealer" is a bit misleading, because it doesn't really work elsewhere on my face, so if I had a spot that I wanted to really cover, I would have to use something other than this.  


  1. I love eye brightening concealers. ^^

  2. This does look darker on your skin tone but good to know that it brightens up well. :)