Sunday, July 22, 2012

Sally Hansen Lavender Pedicure Products

I spotted these in the Sally Hansen section and decided to try them.  They are all lavender/tee tree oil scent.

I have been using these daily for a couple of weeks now.  The first thing I noticed is that the polish and the lotion don't work dry at all (like the bottles say)- you have to either use them in the shower or use the foot soak first.  I really do like the foot soak, it is quite refreshing but it's also much more effective when you use all three at the same time.  The pumice polish is all right but I found I still needed to use the traditional stone to prep.  It took me until now to finally start getting results (softer feet) and I know I've used other products that I can see results in just one or two uses.

If your feet are already in pretty good condition and you just need some products for maintenance then these might be ok, but for more heavy duty needs I'd look elsewhere.  As for me, I've had so much trouble with my feet that I've scheduled for a Paraffin pedicure!

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  1. They look great but it's sad they don't work as good as they look. :/