Wednesday, August 1, 2012

August Birthstone: Peridot

Happy August!

The August birthstone is Peridot.  It is such a pretty stone!

These are polishes from last year- Chanel Peridot and Sephora Diving in Malaysia.  I personally don't like the new Diwali that is coming out now, but I wasn't interested in Peridot when it came out either.  I was one of those hesitant to buy it but went ahead with it since well, no matter how many times I say I'm not going to buy a Chanel polish, I inevitably do.  So I decided to see if they are really the same.

In the bottles I can't tell a difference, except the Chanel looks a little bit smoother.  

But check out the swatches: 



They don't look the same to me, and I've looked in a hundred different lightings and perspectives.  I've done them on a few nails and I can still tell the difference, although it is much more subtle on the nail, almost imperceptible.  To be fair though, I am going to try one on one hand and one on the other at the same time.  In the meantime, Happy Birthday to all the August borns out there!  


  1. These colors are so unique and beautiful at the same time! I'm also an August baby - thanks so much for showing these polishes <3

  2. Wow these swatches are so cool :) im ur new follower i would appreciate if u follow me back

  3. What stunning colours, I've heard chanels nps are Crap formula and I wouldnt want to spend that much on one anyway lol, even if they're not exactly the same its still a good match :)

    1. Yeah what I really hate about Chanels is the total lack of consistency- you'll get some thin, streaky, horrid ones and then (few and far between it seems these days), some real beauties!