Saturday, July 28, 2012

Interesting- Sigma Beauty Brow Design Kit

I have never purchased cosmetics from Sigma but this set looks really great.  Brow products are absolutely essential to me and having them all in one place would be such a saver.  I always use Inglot shadows for my brows but really, none of them quite match my natural hair colour.  The Sigma shades look like they might be a better match, and I think I would use everything in the box except for the tweezers- but I can put my own in the box!

The only downside is the cost- it is $69.  Plus shipping, it seems kinda high to me, so I am not sure about it.  Maybe I could try a DIY box with the products I already have, but considering this is a lot of products and all in one place, with no effort on my part, it's probably a good deal!  


  1. I think that this palette would not work for people that travel a lot like me cause it look to be to big I will stick to my Anastasia brow duo.
    If you do get you should do a review.

    1. I know I was thinking the same thing, takes up so much space! and that was my fave brow product too (did a review on it ages ago) but mine broke and it's not available here :(

  2. eeh that is expensive... but it does look nice, but I don't think anyone needs that many colours for their eyebrows! Unless they don't do them in different colours lol. It would be good for home use but for traveling I think I'd only take 2 shades like the E.L.F eyebrow kit or something haha