Sunday, July 1, 2012

Raspberry Pie and Berry Smoothie!

No, not new recipes lol!  I finally got some Revlon lip butters!  They are very beautiful and they are soft, too.  I got Berry Smoothie and Raspberry Pie.  

The swatches: 

Berry Smoothie 

Raspberry Pie 

I like these a lot!  They have a very bright red shade, Candy Apple, it was very nice but I knew I wouldn't wear it.  These are about $13 here, considerably higher than in the U.S. (no surprise by now!) but still not that expensive.  They are very soft and unscented.  They did not bleed but they aren't lip stains, I did have to reapply.  I like Berry Smoothie for everyday, it is  a perfect shade for me since it's just a bit darker than my natural lips.  Raspberry Pie is darker but still quite flattering.  


  1. Raspberry pie is so beautiful xx

  2. *cries because they're $21.95 here) ahah. Wow these colours are both so beautiful on you, and hopefully not sounding creepy but you have perfect lips for swatching! I only have creamiscle but now I want both of these too =/ damn it! haha