Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Sleek Paraguaya Eyeshadow Palette Review

The Paraguaya palette is a limited edition part of Sleek's Avoir la Peche collection.  It is simply gorgeous and definitely one of their best palettes!


Here are the swatches, top row I wasnt paying attention so it's four, then the last two:

Bottom Row:

I really like this palette a lot.  The shades are gorgeous.  Good mix of mattes and shimmers.  I don't remember ever doing a peach eye so I am loving that.  Unique is very good for me!  My favourites are Peach Gold and Persimmon.  I also love that they put grey/taupe shades instead of black, it really does go well with the peaches; black would have been too harsh in my opinion.  

I also really love that they wrote the name on the front.  I have a lot of black Sleek palettes they all look the same; this way it's a tad easier to find without turning it over.

I also experienced little to no fall out with the shimmers, which has not been the case in other palettes, so I was very pleased about that.  All of the shades have excellent pay out, but I was really impressed with the mattes. 
I would definitely recommend this palette! 


  1. ooh nice i want this palette badly!! Gorgeous colours im just not too sure if they would suit me? ah well i dont care haha..ah its LE im def going to have to get my hands on this if i can.. =/

  2. Thanks for this review! This is one of the sleek products I was eyeing! Absolutely going to purchase now!

  3. Wow wow! Pretty colours and they seem really pigmented. XX

  4. That palette is super gorgeous. I love it.