Friday, April 1, 2011

OPINION: Mens Fashion!

I admit, I do not follow mens fashion.  Mostly because it doesn't change as much as womens!!  So I want to know, what is your opinion on mens fashion?  Specifically, what clothes do you think are flattering or make a man more noticeable/attractive?  What clothes are the worst?  I know some things are a matter of personal preference, but there are some fashions I think every man can pull off. 

My picks: 1.  Well cut dress pants and shirt.  With a belt and nice shoes. He could add a jacket, but not necessary.  Also loooove the V-neck sweater.  Square toed shoes are my fave. 

How could anyone resist??

Pick #2.  For casual wear, I would pick jeans, but not sloppy, dirty, outdated jeans.  Worn in jeans = good.  Worn out jeans = bad.  Any man can find a nice pair of jeans that are flattering on them.  I do not want to see a 60 year old retiree in whiskered jeans!  The shirt: whatever, but a little loose and untucked.  I do not like shirts tucked in jeans- rather wear a tight fitting shirt than tuck it.  Still like the square toed shoes with jeans. 

My picks for the worst:  I don't really know, besides sweatpants!  No sweatpants in public, please.  I'm not talking about gym pants, I mean actual sweatpants.  If they don't care, why should we?  That's my opinion.  Not a fan of sneakers either unless there is some sporting activity involved- I mean the basketball/running type.  The Vans and slim tennies are fine.  A lot of mens fashion really defines the man's personality, too- like skinny pants/jeans.  Or baggy.  I don't like those, but men who wear them usually look good in them. 


  1. I know some ppl love this look on men but I hate the scruffy I just got out of bed look on men..SHAVE and wash ur hair DAMN IT!! lol!! I like a clean cut guy personally and a good smelling guy too..hmmmm :D

  2. I love a well-dressed man! I like nice jeans, especially men's designer jeans (I have a jean thing too lol) with nice shoes...I'm not a fan of tennie's and jeans either and a stylish shirt. I like the graphic tees with a button-up shirt too..untucked of course lol. I think a man in a suit is very sexy...especially if they are wearing a shirt with colors. I like to see a man in something other than just black or white. And yes, please shave and wash your hair haha...