Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Inglot Brow Powder, Brow Wax, and Concealer: Quick Review

I had a really hard time getting pictures to come out right, so I am just going to post what the products look like and then give my opinions.

I ordered a round palette from Inglot, which I chose brow powders and wax, and concealers. 

Brow powders

Concealer, brow wax

I have been using these for a week or so, and I do not like them at all.  The brow powder I really dislike.  It seems like I am putting a lot of it on my brush and it doesnt last through the day.  The texture is too hard for me to work with it.  I would much rather have one of their matte eyeshadows and use that as brow powder, rather than this.  I went back to my cheapie NYX brow powder and have been happy with it. 
The brow wax is ok, I didn't really have a problem with it besides it is too dark for me, and I thought I got the lightest shade they had.  If they had a clear wax I would rather get that. 

The concealer, this is my own personal experience with it, so I am sure others might see it differently.  For me, it is way too sticky and thick.  It has the texture of a lip gloss.  I don't like it.  I had to put a lot of product onto a brush and its really so hard to blend, I wouldn't use it.  I don't like any agressive strokes on my face, I really do not, and you really have to work this concealer in for it to be effective.  Probably better applied with fingers, but I'm not going to.  That being said, it does conceal very well once you can get it blended in, but for me, it's not worth the effort because thankfully, I hardly get blemishes, I don't have any noticeable under eye problems, and I only have a couple very tiny imperfections on my face that I need to conceal. 

Overall, I am very pleased with Inglot eyeshadows but these products are not fine with me and I would not repurchase.  However, they do have an excellent colour range of these products which would be very appealing.  


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